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Print Business CardsIt’s gotten way too tricky to find business card printing services in the New York. How do we choose a printing service when there are hundreds of them seeking to get our attention? Choosing a business card printer is like shopping for typical products, try to find the best product from a reputable dealer for a reasonable price. But as the saying goes, comparing hundreds of apples with one another can be very intimidating.

The very first task is to identify a printing service in New York that’s capable of delivering the kind of business card that matches your business. Most printing services offer full-color cards in a standard dimension such as 3.5” x 2”, so at least this would simplify your task a little. It is also important to decide whether you need to choose pre-made templates or custom designs.

Businesses shouldn’t be put off by the idea of using a template for their business cards. After being modified odds are slim that any of the competitors somehow manages to come up with something similar. With, clients can pay a reasonable price for the business cards purchased. It’s possible to pay for one cent for each card, when at least 10,000 cards are ordered.

Other than price, it is also important to compare the card stock used. 14PT and 16PT C2S card stock used by is must sturdier than 12PT stock offered by other printing services. To improve the look, it is also recommended to opt for UV coating on the front side or both sides. Not only these cards look elegantly glossy, they are also better protected against dust and water.

Also consider about the turnaround time, most of the time, clients can wait for a week, but is capable of offering next day turnaround time.

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