Design Inspirations for Business Cards

written by Haim on January 22, 2013 in Business Card Printing and Business Cards and Designing and Digital Printing and Printing Services with no comments

Business Card Printing
Business cards designs have becoming increasingly more creative these days. Latest methods in card printing technologies allow consumers to choose more design ideas. These are a few things you can add to your business cards:

  • Rounded corners: They give softer impression to your business card, by adding an approachable and friendlier feel to you business.
  • Matte finish: Glossy business cards are more difficult to write on, so consider using matte finish
  • Folded design: Folded cards offer more spaces for text and images. Use this only if you are convinced that there’s no way to condense critical information into a standard-shaped business card.  Folded design also adds unique and memorable feel to your business card.
  • QR codes: Many of us loathe QR codes, but they can make it easier for people to visit your website on their smart mobile devices. When used properly, it’s possible to gain a significant advantage over the competition. In fact, QR codes can directly increase sales.
  • Attractive images: An effective image can worth thousands of words, which is a good thing as space on business cards is limited. Only uses images that is relevant with your business and can attract attention.