Five Basic Principles of EDDM Campaign

written by Haim on January 26, 2013 in EDDM and EDDM Campaign and Printing Company and Printing Service with no comments

EDDM Campaigns
Without following proper direct mail marketing principles, your EDDM could easily suffer and become much less effective. These rules can make all difference in results you get:

  1. Be Prepared: Before commencing EDDM campaign, make sure you will have plentiful supply of brochures or flyers to mail. In other words, you shouldn’t have fewer flyers than needed to cover your target market. Some companies actually run out of marketing materials halfway through, requiring them to order a reprint to the printing company. This could cause you lose the momentum and achieve much less.
  2. Always Order in Advance: Before starting an EDDM campaign, companies should always stay on top of their flyer printing orders. Ordering the next batch even before the current EDDM campaign ends.
  3. Carefully Choose Target Areas: Break a Zip Code down into smaller, more manageable targeted areas. Review the map and identify areas that may contain more potential consumers, such as housing, shops and small business.
  4. Mail Regularly: Repetition is needed in any marketing campaign and most EDDM campaigns start to yield good returns only after 4th or 5th mail delivery. This would also remove any less persistent competitors as consumers tend to choose a “familiar face”.
  5. Know your Printing Company: Choose a printing company that delivers high quality flyers to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your EDDM campaign. offers various mailing products in–x-12–EDDM-mailing-products and printing services for EDDM in–X-12–EDDM-mailing-products