How to Create An Impressive Business Card?

written by Haim on January 20, 2013 in Business Card Printing and Business Cards and Printing Service and Printing Services with no comments

Business Cards
Modern companies require quality business card printing to make a compelling first impression to potential clients. People form early perception of a business or company based on the first representation they see. These are a few tricks for making an impressive business card:

  • Use proper images and smooth gradient colors: Well chosen colors and images are essential for creating appealing business cards as people are more easily drawn by them. Often take people business cards and immediately forget due to improper use of images and colors. To define what colors and images you should use, check business cards of successful competitors and look for patterns. Adopt similar patterns on your business card while adding some variations. Also, it’s a good idea if your business card and website use similar color scheme.
  • Choose proper materials: Use only quality ink and paper to get a satisfactory final product. This allows you to get legible text and vivid images on your business card.
  • Choose proper background: Images, color schemes and background should complement one another. Avoid using complex background that can make your text harder to read.
  • Don’t put too much information: Try to communicate effectively by putting only essential information, such as names and contact details.