Postcard Printing

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Postcard PrintingPostcards are affordable and simple way to get immediate attention from clients. They can also be used for a broad range of personal uses and many businesspeople found that postcards are more efficient than mailing letters. Other ideas are to use postcards for handouts, gift certificates, trade show invitations and thank you notes. With UV coating, postcards won’t be damaged easily when exposed to dirt and water.

However, matte/dull finish is already attractive enough for clients who seek cheaper price. With, it’s easy for clients to strike a balance between cost and quality. Each of 1.5” x 7” postcards printed costs between 6 cents and 3 cents depending on the ordered amount.

Postcards are the most influential and economical way to achieve a response through direct-mail marketing With the right mailing list comprised of a highly targeted audience, you can use postcards to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, boost your lead ratio and drive sales through the roof.

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