Three Design Tips for Successful EDDM Program

written by Haim on January 28, 2013 in EDDM and EDDM Campaign and EDDM Program and Every Door Direct Mail and Printing Company and Printing Services with no comments

EDDM Cards
EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a highly popular advertising program from USPS that allows companies to perform direct mail campaign much more easily without major expenses and headaches. Small business like pizza shops, consultants and contractors can target specific households near their areas. They no longer need to waste money mailing marketing material to “bad neighborhoods”.

To maximize success, companies need to design EDDM brochures and flyers properly. These are three design tips to enhance success with EDDM program:

  • Use Bigger Size: Flyers with big letters catch attention easily and are much more memorable. They will also stand apart from other mailpieces that arrive to consumers’ homes each day. The extra space on your flyer also allows you to include coupons and other promotional offers.
  • Keep Everything Simple: Your design and layout should be simple and easy to digest. This allows consumers to immediately grab the core message in your flyers. If you have special offers and coupons to offers, it’s a good idea to build your design around them.
  • Use Vibrant and Colorful Designs: Interesting designs tend to bring much better response rate. Customers looking for pizza shops information would rather see pictures of juicy, delicious pizza in vivid full-colors, instead of black & white.

Use these tips and see your sales numbers go up progressively. offers various mailing products in EDDM Mailing Products and printing services for EDDM in EDDM Printing.