Why EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is Important for Start-ups?

written by Haim on January 28, 2013 in EDDM and EDDM Campaign and EDDM Program and Every Door Direct Mail and Printing Company and Printing Services with no comments

EDDM - Every Door Direct MailAll start-ups want to earn their way into the business world, but this requires solid marketing strategy. Making sales is an ultimate objective of any business and the first step is to spread words about your business. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) service is among newer breakthroughs in mail marketing methods.

The program was started by the USPS and it is an effective way for businesspeople to get in touch with consumers and clients. With the assistance of USPS, companies can choose ideal target locations to send flyers directly to consumers.  These are reasons why start-ups should use EDDM immediately for advertising purposes:

  • Consumers Remember you More: EDDM solves one problem that plagues many computer users.  With so much computer viruses, spam and malware, people are going back to mail when looking for product information. Unlike emails, brochures are much more memorable because consumers can touch and see them.
  • No Mailing list Needed: EDDM doesn’t need a mailing list to reach prospective clients. USPS will send your brochures to everyone in a specific target location.
  • Low Cost: EDDM is very affordable for start-ups, as the design of the brochures can be performed by the company itself. Each mail delivered costs only 14.5 cents.

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